Kitayosce boss outlines priorities

DAR ES SALAAM: NEWLY elected Chief Executive Officer of Kitayosce, Thabit Kandoro has outlined his priorities after being appointed in his new position.

Speaking on Friday to the ‘Daily News’, Kandoro thanked the management of the team  for trusting in him.

He said his target right now is to make their team one of the most successful sides despite a poor start in the league.

“I have accepted this position with open arms because I represent many young Tanzanians who are getting a chance and are trusted, so if I do well it means that many young people will continue to be trusted and given a chance to promote this industry, so I personally will fight to ensure I reach the target,I won’t give up, ” he vowed.

He said he is entering as a representative of the youths who want to change the mentality, but also to be able to show that many young Tanzanians can do their jobs with great professionalism because youths have the qualifications and abilities, but what they need is just to be give chances to show their abilities

‘’I am relieved and I see that I represent Tanzanian youth well, many have trust in me, Tabora region also has trust in me. Tabora is a region that has great talents in sports, including football, they have made a great contribution to the development of football.

It is also a chance to give an opportunity to many young people from Tabora and other neighbouring regions to show their talents,’’ he said.

Kandoro called upon solidarity between the team and football stakeholders.

‘’I personally believe that we will get good support from the football fraternity starting right now and we will work together to make sure the team achieves the desired goal,‘’ he said.

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