We proceed with our topic Question words in Swahili

Question; Unaitwa nani?

You(singular).(u);tense Maker present tense (na); verb

For call in passive form(itwa)who( nani)=direct translation

What is your name?=communicative translation

Answer; Ninaitwa Adam or jina langu ni Adam

First person subject prefix singular (ni);tense Maker

Present tense (na).a verb for call in passive voice (itwa )

= Direct translation

I am Adam = communicative translations

Question:unakwenda wapi?

You second person singular (u);tense Maker present tense (na) verb

for going is (kwenda,kuenda); where (wapi)=direct translation

Where are you going?=communicative translation.

Answer: Nina kwenda kanisani

First person subject prefix singular (ni);tense Maker

Present tense (na): verb for going is (kwenda/kuenda)

Church (kanisa)= direct translation

The “ni”at the end of the word “kanisani”functions as a locative

Suffix which can be equivalent to”at or to”, I am going to the church= communicative translation

Question: Kwa Nini unalia ?

Why( Kwa ninin) you second person pronoun singular (u)tense Maker present tense (na); verb for cry is (Lia)= direct translation

Why are you crying?= Communicative translation

Answer ; Kwa sababu nimepigwa na mama

Because (Kwa sababu) first person subject prefix singular (ni) tense Maker

Immediate past ( me ) verb for beat in passive voice is (pigwa) by na : mother (mama)

=Direct translation

Because I have beaten by mom= communicative translation

Question; je utaimba? Will you,(je) second subject prefix singular (u)

Tense Maker.future tense ( ta)verb for sing is (Imba)=direct translation

Will you sing= communicative translation

When (je) appears be for the verb it will mean a question ❓ will you do something

.Then when “je” appears at the end of the verb it means “how”


Hapana sitaimba

No”hapana”first person subject prefix negative ( si) ; tense Maker future tense( ta)

;Verb for sing is ( Imba) = direct translation

Nor I will not sing = Communicative translation

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