We proceed with our topic seven

In summary you will have something like this.

English personal pronoun. Singular                           English personal pronoun. Plural    

1st person.                               I.                                                                               we

2nd person.                You(singular).                                                                  You(all)

3rd person                        He/she/it.                                                                      They

 Kiswahili personal pronoun. Singular.                       Kiswahili personal pronoun. Plural

1st person.                                 Mimi.                                                                               sisi

2nd person.                               Wewe.                                                                              Ninyi

3rd person.                                 Yeye.                                                                               Wao

In Kiswahili, it is so simple using person pronouns, the important thing is to remember that it saves the same work as nouns. So do not use them together in a construction.

You either choose for a noun or a pronoun. this is normal with other world language  such as

English as there is no way you can use “she” in the same sentence with a name like “Elizabeth”

for example  you can’t say : Elizabeth she is coming ,

You must choose one: either Elizabeth is coming or she is coming.

In Kiswahili , you just choose one of them but in other context you can find both a noun and pronoun are used together especially for foreground (Emphasis).

Examples; wewe juma njoo

So this is the End of our topic

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