We will proceed with our topic Swahili Auxiliary verbs

Kushika, to hold.                         Wameshika mwizi,they have caught the thief

Kuezeka, to thatch.                      Kuezeka nyumba,to thatch a house

Kuvika, to dress.                          Vika mtoto nguo, dress the child

Kucheka, to laugh.                      Usimcheke masikini,do not laugh at a poor man

Kupaka, to smear                        kupaka nyumba rangi, to paint a house

Kuteka, to draw(water).               Kuteka maji, to draw water

Kupeleka, to send                        peleka barua hii posta,send this letter to the post office.

Kulimbika, to save up                   inafaa kulimbika Mali,it is good to save up some wealth

              End of our topic


Translate into Swahili

  1. You had better learn Swahili

2. Children must go to school now.

3. What are you doing?I am learning Swahili

4. It is enough, let us go to see friends.

5. I must learn Swahili every day, I want to know it. It is possible to know it in two months.




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