Below is a list of Swahili demonstratives for different noun classes:

                                        NOUN CLASS

                 Singular.                                                                Plural

M/MI.   mti huu,this tree,.                                    mti ule , that tree

miti hii,these trees,.                                 miti ile, those trees

KI/VI.    Kitabu hiki this book.                               Kitabu kile,that book

vitabu hivi,these books.                           vitabu vile, those books

  1. jina hili, this name. jina lile, that name

majina haya, these names.                         majina Yale, those names

N/N.     nyumba hii, this house.                             nyumba ile, that house

nyumba hizi,these houses.                        nyumba zile,those houses

  1. ukuta huu this wall. ukuta ule, that wall

Kuta hizi, this Walls                                     Kuta hizi, those walls

  1. pahali hapo, this place. pahali pale, that place
  2. kula huku, this eating.   Kula kule, that eating

For the third demonstrative (huyu), we have;

M/MI.        mti huo,that tree (near you), or such a tree,……….

miti hiyo, those trees (near you), or such trees…….

KI/VI.          kitabu hicho that book (near you), or such a book…..

vitabu hivi, those books (near you), or such books……

  1. jina hilo, such a name

majina haya such names

N/N.                nyumba hiyo, that house (near you), such a house

nyumba hizo, those houses, such houses

  1. ukuta huo, that wall (near you), such a wall

Kuta hizo, those walls, (near you), or such walls

  1. Pahala hapo, that place (near you)
  2. kula huko, this eating, or such eating

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