We proceed with our letter H

haya,.                                                         well,agreed

heko,.                                                          congratulations

heri,                                                             happy state,(kwaheri,goodbye)

hesabu,                                                       arithmetic,calculation

hesabu,ku-                                                  to count

hiki,hivi,.                                                       this,these(ki/vi class)

hivyo,.                                                           after that manner,so

hodi,.                                                            Swahili way of “knocking at the door”

hodari,                                                          brave

hofu,.                                                           feat

hujambo?                                                   how are you?

huko,.                                                          there

huyu,                                                           this person

huzuni.                                                      sorrow

Letter I

Iba,ku-,                                                     to steal

idara,.                                                      department

Imara,.                                                     firm

Ingis,ku-,.                                                 to enter

-ingi,.                                                       Much,many

-ingine,.                                                   other

ingiza,ku-,.                                               to cause to enter,put into

Isha,ku-,.                                                 be finished,complete

Ishi,ku-,.                                                   to live

We will continue with letter I next period

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