Kilimanjaro embarks on strategies to woo more investors

KILIMANJARO: Kilimanjaro Regional Authority has embarked on strategies to identify and promote investment areas to attract domestic and foreign investors’ thus boosting the regional economy.

Kilimanjaro Regional Administrative Secretary, Mr Tixon Nzunda made the remarks during the meeting of the Kilimanjaro Regional Business Council recently.

“To start with, the regional secretariat has already begun to identify suitable areas for investment in all the six districts and promote them for attracting potential investors,” he said.

“We have many investment opportunities notably in sectors like industries, agriculture, tourism, health, infrastructures and education,”

He said the investment environment in the region is friendly characterised by peace and security, good health facilities, and access to reliable road, water and electricity infrastructures.

In his opening remarks, the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Mr Nurdin Babu said the region produces products like coffee, wheat, maize, ginger, sugar cane and forest plantations, which are significant raw materials for manufacturing industries.

Mr Babu said the manufacturing industry within the region has been growing steadily in recent years which contributed more to the region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He said the main industrial activities included those of food manufacturing, leather, wood products and sugar.

He urged those entrusted with leadership at all levels to ensure they provide information to the public on funds offered by the government for the implementation of development projects.

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