Kikwete wants Tanga school restore lost glory

DAR ES SALAAM: FORMER President, Jakaya Kikwete has called for concerted efforts to make Tanga Technical School (formerly Tanga School) one of the top schools in the country.

Speaking during the launching of Tanga School Alumni Association (TSAA) in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, Dr Kikwete, said they planned to establish e-library, provide support for teaching and learning materials as well as help improve the quality of education provided at the school.

“We want Tanga School to retain its lost glory and become one of the best performing schools in the country. We will meet with the school leadership to deliberate the way forward especially in what the TSAA can contribute so that our school can excel,” said Dr Kikwete, an alumnus of the school.

The former president who went for Advanced level of secondary education at the school was vividly not pleased with the performance of the school. He said much ought to be done to scale up the performance.

Earlier, the TSAA Chairman, Major General (rtd) Khamis Semfuko said the TSAA aimed to improve the level of education and encourage youth to become patriots.

He said it was hard to put together the views of those who studied in the 1960s and those of 2000s (current) and reach the consensus of forming the association but they managed under their custodian, Dr Kikwete.

“This is a good start and the right step towards improving the level of performance at Tanga Technical School … the establishment of TSAA will be the catalyst for major reforms in areas of infrastructure improvements to raise professional standards,” he said.

He said the e-library would relieve parents from the cost of buying books for their children and expand the scope of students to get academic information through the internet.

“This should not only be the way to go for Tanga Technical School’s students but for the entire secondary education system in this country,” said Semfuko.

The occasion was also attended by the first African secondary school headteacher in the country, who was also the first Tanga School Principal in the 1970s, Prof John Pendael.

On his part, the current school’s Principal Mr Mckmaster Mnondwa said that he was optimistic that the school would raise its bar and retain its lost glory.

“Our target is to ensure that the school is ranked in the top ten and to eliminate division zero by working closely with parents and students,” said Mr Mnondwa.

The school currently has 1,126 O- level students, among them 194 are women, 932 are men, while in A-level there are 279 students and 163 students with special needs.

Mr Mnondwa said last year’s performance was not good since 94 students obtained division one, 42 students got division two, 27 students division three, 28 students division four and 10 got zero.

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