Kikwete: Use education to change society

DAR ES SALAAM: THE Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) former president, Jakaya Kikwete has urged university graduates to use acquired knowledge as a catalyst to bring positive changes in society.

Dr Kikwete made the remarks in Dar es Salaam over the weekend at the Cluster Three of the 53rd graduation of UDSM.

“Education cannot bring benefits and be the catalyst for intended change if it is not used to solve society’s problems.

“Use the knowledge that you have acquired to bring positive influence to all the people around you while also helping those who were not lucky enough to get an education. Education must bring benefits to the public and Tanzanians in general,” said Dr Kikwete.

Dr Kikwete said he was satisfied with the increase of 57.2 per cent in cluster three of girls who are qualified and  asked those in college to study hard to endure growth and be able to help the communities that fall behind them.

For her part the UDSM Council Chairperson, Ambassador Mwanaidi Maajar said the UDMS Council approved promotions of 56 academic staff.

The council approved promotion of three associate professors to become full professors and 13 senior lecturers to become associate professors.

In addition, they approved 40 members of the academic staff from lecturer to senior lecturer.

“We approved the recommendations of the incentive structure for university employees to increase the morale of performance and efficiency in work. It also enables the university to compete successfully in the labour market by retaining good existing employees and attracting other professionals to join the college,” said Amb Maajar.

She said the Council in collaboration with the management of the university continues to set strategic plans for the university to expand its income to meet various needs in accordance with the document of Treasury Registrar number 1 of August 2023 asking public organisations, institutions and government agencies to organise themselves in order to be able to operate independently from the central government.

The UDSM Vice-Chancellor, Prof William Anangisye encouraged the graduates to be patriotic in their country because society expects a lot from them.

“Tanzanians’ expectations are based on the fact that you have received education with decent standards, from a respected university in the world,” said Professor Anangisye.

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