Kikwete urges cooperation in dinosaur research

FORMER President Jakaya Kikwete has urged the University of Dar es Salaam researchers and Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to collaborate in conducting further studies to find out whether there are more dinosaurs’ remains at Tendaguru, Lindi Region.

The fourth phase president who is the Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam issued the directive during his tour of the site, where the studies are ongoing.

Dr Kikwete said: “I commend the experts for the work they have started to find out whether the area has more dinosaurs’ remains … I advise you to collaborate with the  Ministry through   Tanzania National Museum Institute, because the findings will be beneficial to the country’s tourism sector.”

Elaborating, he noted that Tendaguru area has attracted a number of foreign and local visitors, thus, contributing to the country’s income.

He added: “Keep conducting research in this area to find out whether there are more remains which can be preserved as tourists’ attraction.

“In 1908 Germans conducted studies in Tendaguru area and discovered the remains of Dainasoria bones, so the researchers should continue to conduct their studies that they have already started and discover new fossils and in doing so, they are likely to discover more remains.”

On his part, National Museum Director General Dr Noel Lwoga thanked the UDSM Chancellor for visiting Tendaguru area, adding:  “The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism through the National Museum of Tanzania is ready to collaborate with researchers from the University of Dar es Salaam because this research is very productive for the University and the nation at large. We will support these researchers to ensure that they conduct their studies comprehensively.”

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