Kiduku faces Georgian in UBO title bout

RENOWNED Tanzanian boxer Twaha Kiduku said he is ready to defend his UBO title as he battles Lago Kiziria of Georgia at Tanzanite Hall in Morogoro today.

It is the first time for the Georgian pugilist to fight in Africa but he has already expressed hope that the bout is going to be well and that the one with adequate preparations will win.

Speaking after conducting a face-off yesterday, Kiduku said due to the intensive training he has had prior to the fight, he expects to succeed.

“Let me assure Tanzanian boxing family that the UBO title is remaining here as I am fully prepared to defend it…I need their full support so that this desire can be fulfilled,” he said.

Again, Kidugu seized the moment to appreciate massive backing from his fans across the country especially those in Morogoro for being with him throughout his preparation period.

On his part, Kiziria stressed that despite being his first fight in Africa, he is satisfied with the prevailing weather condition hence looking forward to an exciting game.

After the weighing exercise, Kiduku recorded 76.2 kilogrammes versus 76.1 registered by the Georgian boxer to make the fight available.

However, the main event will be accompanied by other under card fights including the only female clash of the night involving Sara Alex versus Flora Machela.

Meanwhile, other domestic boxers have joined forces to support Kiduku in his endeavour to overcome his opponent and ensure that he retains the title.

They include Karim Mandonga and Ibrahim Class who together have wished him (Kiduku) the best of luck in today’s event.

Boxing is among the sporting disciplines in the country which are getting popularity day by day as the number of active participants keep on scaling up.

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