Kiduku-Egyptian fight lights up Mtwara

MTWARAN residents have welcomed the Egyptian clash between Tanzanian Twaha Kiduku and the Egyptian Abdo Khaleed with open hands.

Going to the Southern Tanzanian region for the first time, the fight seems to open more boxing opportunities for the residents of Mtwara who open say they are very grateful to the organizers for their decision to bring the fight to Mtwara,

“We are very grateful to the organizers for deciding to bring the fight  here, and  it is like a surprise because it is the first time we see the big fight of the global status.”said the residents during the arrival of Kiduku at Mtwara Airport three days ago.

It has been very common to see many big fights staged in Dar Es Salaam  and recently in Morogoro and Songea whose fight brought to limelight Karim Mandonga.

Kiduku, whose real name is Twaha Kassim, through his coach Pawa Ilanda, said he was well drilled for the fight and upbeat to secure victory against the Egyptian boxer, Khaleed this Saturday.

Pawa Ilanda told Daily News on Thursday at the camp during a training session that everything is in place.

“I have prepared Twaha Kiduku well, I have made him him strong, intelligent, capable and courageous to win the fight, and I have completed 99 per cent of the preparations.

We aim to bring entertainment to all our boxing fans in the country,” said Ilanda.

Ilanda added that the big secret that makes a boxer win a fight is to have four things, the first is to prepare well, to believe in youself, to have discipline and courage: “I have taught him all of the four.”

He further urged Tanzanians to pray for Twaha because he is flying the nation’s flag.

“Having an opponent like Khaleed is a great honour and so, we are grateful to find a boxer like him with boxing intelligence, and this fight will help our boxer to improve his skills.”

For his part, Twaha Kiduku  said  he is ready for the fight, and respects Abdo Khaleed, because he is a boxer with fast punches.

“I have had a lot of training, my opponent is good, but due to the preparation I have received from my instructor, I am confident to win.

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