Kenya to transform hacking den into innovation hub

Kenyan President William Ruto has backed the transformation of a known cyber crime hub into an innovation hub.

Hackers operating in Mulot trading centre, located in the Rift Valley, are believed to be behind illegal transfers and withdrawals of huge amounts from bank accounts, according to local media reports.

They are said to work in cahoots with rogue employees of banks and mobile phone service companies.

There have been calls to tap into the unemployed talent to fight online fraud.

President Ruto has now given the go-ahead for the construction of a multi-billion Kenyan shilling software development factory in the area, the Daily Nation newspaper reports.

He has asked the local governor to secure 100 acres of land where the facility will be built.

“In the shortest time possible, I want you to secure land and report back within two months on the progress made so we can move with speed and set up the ICT centre and turn the area to a software development hub in the region,” President Ruto is quoted as saying.

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