KCU to increase coffee production

The Kagera Cooperative Union (KCU 1990 Ltd) is set to increase coffee production through distributing improved Robusta and Arabica coffee seedlings to farmers free of charge.

The KCU 1990 Ltd Vice-Chairman, Mr Respicius John, told the Daily News that during the 2022/2023 crop season, they planned to distribute over one million improved coffee seedlings to farmers.

“KCU recently distributed over 600,000 clonal varieties to farmers free of charge. The increase of coffee production in the region has positive impact on farmers’ livelihoods and the national economy,” he said.

Tanzania is implementing a five-year strategic plan aimed to increase coffee production from 78,000 metric tonnes to 300,000 metric tonnes by 2025.

The plan goes hand in hand with producing 20 million improved coffee seedlings each year.

Mr John said the recently launched coffee auction in the region enabled farmers in Kagera to generate 110bn/- through online auctions.

“The government-led interventions have positively improved farmer’s livelihoods in Kagera. This is very commendable,” he said.

Through the auctions the coffee prices have gone up between two to three times. The price increased from 1,000/- per kilogramme to 2,500/- for a kilogrgam of Robusta and 3,000/- for a kilogram of Arabica, respectively.

Also, KCU is implementing a five-year strategic plan that would increase the union’s capital plus revamping of the investment infrastructures of Lake Hotel and construction of Rumuli conference hall.

Also, plans are underway to expand coffee estates at the KCU-owned farms at Kishoju (Muleba), Ijuganyondo (Bukoba Urban) and Ndwanilo in Missenyi district.

Kagera coffee constitutes about 50 per cent of the total coffee production in the country.

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