Kasulu residents urge regular specialist medical camps

KASULU: RESIDENTS of Kasulu District in Kigoma Region are calling on the government and private hospitals to establish a regular schedule for specialist medical camps at least once a month.

This plea follows a recent medical check-up at Kasulu District Hospital, conducted by doctors from Maweni Regional Referral Hospital in Kigoma.

The residents stressed the importance of accessible healthcare in reducing both travel costs and the burden of seeking medical attention.

This appeal comes in the wake of a collaborative effort by the Majey Foundation, Lalji Foundation, Game Frontiers, and Hiltop, who sponsored the medical camp.

Bringing specialist services closer to the community has been highly beneficial, according to local residents.
Juma Bujuibili of Kasulu town highlighted the financial strain on rural dwellers, stating, “Many of us rely on agriculture to sustain our livelihoods, making it difficult to afford the costs of seeking specialized medical care in referral hospitals.”

Echoing these sentiments, Yona Kazamaso noted that while many suffer from various diseases, the fear of excessive medical expenses often deters them from seeking specialist care.

The recent five-day specialist camp, however, has provided free consultations and treatments.

Imtiaz Lalji, Chairman of the Lalji Foundation, emphasized their commitment to improving healthcare access in Kigoma, citing their familial ties to the region as a driving force behind their sponsorship of such camps.

Mohammed Taki, Director of Game Frontiers, indicated plans for future camps in response to the significant need observed in Kigoma, despite their past engagements in various regions across the country.

Dr Frank Sudai, a specialist in surgery, pointed out common health issues observed among patients, notably hypertension resulting from poor dietary habits and lifestyles.

Semistatus Mashimba, Director of the Kasulu District Council, reported a turnout of over 1,800 individuals per day over the four-day camp, underscoring the continuous demand for specialized healthcare services among the public.

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