Kasekenya roots for qualified contractors

Works and Transport Deputy Minister, Godfrey Kasekenya has urged contractors to eye professionalism and look for qualified people in execution of big projects.

Addressing a Contractors Registration Board (CRB) annual consultative meeting here midweek, Engineer Kasekenya challenged contractors to pick qualified individuals who are up to the tasks.

“The number one priority amongst you is to go for professionals or not quacks,” he directed.

Hiring unqualified contractors not only throws the profession into disrepute but also do shoddy work, said the Deputy Minister.

“Such people may take your money and not return or finish quickly by cutting corners,” he warned.

According to Engineer Kasekenya, finding the right contractor will take time, but it is an important first step towards a successful facility renovation or upgrade.

He emphasised that it was the government’s wish to see local contractors acting professionally by finishing their work ahead of time.

In his rejoinder, CRB Chairperson Engineer Joseph Nyamhanga, pleaded with the government to review the Force Account arrangement saying it had demoralised local contractors.

“We are not against such an arrangement, however it has proven to deny us work,” he observed.

According to public procurement regulations, Force Account means construction by the procuring entity itself or use of public or semi-public agencies or departments concerned, where procuring entity or the public or semi-public agency uses its own personnel and equipment or hired labour.

The Government emphasises the use of Force Account as the most appropriate method of contracting; seeking to reduce costs of various projects and facilitates attainment of best value for money.

On his part, CRB Registrar Rhoben Nkori urged local contractors to specify cost of their projects while registering with CRB.

“It has come to our attention that some contractors aren’t doing this, which is against our code of conduct,” he said.

CRB is a regulatory body charged with responsibility for registration, regulation and development of contractors.

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