Judiciary has taken right path

TANZANIA is among countries with a good record in criminal justice system and the Sixth Phase Government has spared no efforts to improve it to ensure that justice is served to everybody.

One of great efforts taken By President Samia Suluhu Hassan is constituting a commission to investigate performance of criminal justice institutions in the country, under the chairmanship of the retired Chief Justice Othman Chande.

The Commission has since submitted its report to President Samia, a report that contains 13 recommendations that, if implemented, will bolster access to justice for all in the country.

The Head of State was grateful to the Commission for coming up with a comprehensive report, saying that the recommendations would give law enforcement and security organs an opportunity to evaluate their performance in serving the people.

After getting the recommendations the Judiciary has taken a step to formulate a sub-committee to review and analyse the Presidential Criminal Justice Commission’s report to determine all areas that need to be implemented in the whole context of providing justice to the people.

Chief Justice Professor Ibrahim Juma expressed his gratitude to the committee led by the Court of Appeal Justice Dr Gerald Ndika for reviewing the Commission’s report, analysing and classifying areas related to the Judiciary.

The Judiciary deserves commendation for the action it took swiftly, because the Constitution stipulates openly that Judiciary is the organ designed to offer justice after examining matters presented to it. It is a common in the country to hear many say that Court is the Temple of Justice.

The criminal justice system’s goal is to maintain order in society by punishing those who break the law and protecting the welfare of the citizens. This system ensures that suspects are appropriately investigated, prosecuted, and defended to guarantee a fair trial.

It is a multidisciplinary system that involves various fields, such as law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections. One of the primary goals of the criminal justice system is to reduce crime, and this is achieved through rehabilitation, deterrence, and incapacitation of criminals.

The CJ has taken the right decision, so the Judiciary is on the right path, as it engages to see to it that every party before it gets justice, especially given the fact that the Presidential Commission noted that some members of the Judiciary had forgotten their legal commitments.

It was actually a wake-up call to them to ensure they implement the existing laws. For example, the Presidential Commission recommended that the law be amended to give the Court authority to consider the time that the accused stays in remand during the issuance of sentences.

The Criminal Justice System ensures that suspects are appropriately investigated, prosecuted, and defended to guarantee a fair trial.

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