Joy as Musoma rural residents get health services 

MUSOMA Rural District Council residents in Mara Region have commended the government   for improving health services at the District Hospital, a move that has relived people from accessing the services far away from their areas.

They extended their appreciation during the launch of new services at the hospital, on Thursday among others, mother and child, surgery, laboratory, outpatient, private ward as well as mortuary and blood transmission.

A Kwikonelo villager in Suguti Ward Mr Wilium Bwire said that previously residents used to travel long distance in search of the services and sometimes outside the region.

“Today, we have even major surgery services within our area. We are grateful and promise our various contributions for all development projects,” he said.

Gracing the event, the District Commissioner Mr Halfan Haule urged members of the community to protect the hospital infrastructures, because the government has provided a lot of money to facilitate the construction of the hospital.

Besides installation of the facilities the government provides health experts to cope with a number of patients at various health centres and hospitals in the district.

“Improvements are in progress, as the government looks forward to having computers for records, improvements of communication systems as well as installation of beds in the newly erected wards here,” said the DC.

The Deputy District Medical Officer Mr Raymond Mlimila said that over 3.4bn/- has been spent for the hospital, whose construction kicked-off in  2018.

He said that the hospital is also set to take care of premature newborns, followed by specialised services, in the near future.

The available services will help to reduce maternal-related deaths, as well as all challenges associated with lack of health services at the district hospital.

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