Jokate: Reject ‘bad mouth’ leaders who undermine women’s potential

GEITA: THE Secretary General of CCM’s Youth Wing (UVCCM), Jokate Mwegelo has called on party members to reject leaders who use slanderous language to weaken women’s leadership potential.

Ms Mwegelo said in Geita over the weekend that party members should give no room to leaders with misogynistic behaviours that have the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls.

“It is time we rejected leaders who undermine women’s leadership potential,” she said when she was inspecting implementation of party’s 2020-2024 election manifesto in Geita Region.

She said leaders who belittle women or girls in conversations, such as using sexist nicknames or using derogatory remarks should be opposed. However, she said both men and women were born from a woman who was gifted with ability to nurture, protect the home, the family, bring unity, solidarity and development.

“It is time to keep believing in women in leadership roles as they have shown potential in various areas including raising the economy, community formation, managing security and safety and raising the welfare of society.”

In a related development, Jokate criticised the politics of ethnicity that started to appear especially in some other political parties, which have continued to embrace regionalism, ethnicity or religion in leadership.

Jokate continued with her tour where, among other things, she used it to inspect development projects, meet CCM members and various youth groups.

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