JKT Queens face SC Cassablanca

IVORY COAST: TANZANIAN envoys JKT Queens will be playing a crucial match against SC Casablanca at Laurent Pokou Stadium, in San-Pédro, Ivory Coast today.

The outcome of the match will determine their chances of excelling in the CAF Women’s Champions League semi-finals.

Currently, JKT Queens are second in their group, with three points behind Mamelodi Sundowns who have six points and have already secured a spot in the semis.

SC Casablanca and Athletico Abidjan are third and fourth respectively, each with one point, but still have a chance to qualify for the semi-finals.

JKT Queens need to win against SC Casablanca to qualify, along with Casablanca and Athletico Abidjan. Athletico Abidjan will also be playing against Mamelodi Sundowns today.

In preparation for the final group match, JKT Queens Coach, Esther Chaburuma stated that her team had learnt a lot from their two previous matches against Mamelodi Sundowns and Athletico Abidjan.

She revealed that their first match was quite tough, given Mamelodi’s profile and that they lost by 2-0 in their opening match before winning against Athletico Abidjan by 2-1.

During a press conference, she noted that they will recover well ahead of the last game to secure their qualification in the next round.

The encounter between JKT Queens and SC Casablanca is anticipated to be tough, as SC Casablanca coach Mehdi El Quichori believes his team is capable of winning and deserves to continue in this competition.

SC Casablanca goalkeeper, Imane Abdelhad, also noted that they are going to play their final group match against JKT Queens with hopes to win. They revealed the defeat had not affected their morale.  On the contrary, they are more motivated than ever.


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