James Mbatia ousted

Members of the General Assembly of National Convention for Construction and Reform – Mageuzi (NCCR–Mageuzi) party have unanimously removed James Mbatia from the position of chairmanship.

The politician lost his post at the opposition party after being stripped of his top post.

The decision was made during the party’s extraordinary meeting convened in Dodoma where party’s members contemplated various issues including but not limited to; division in the opposition party.

NCCR-Mageuzi members also decided to oust the party’s vice chairperson Angelina Rutaigwa.

The meeting which was attended by 224 out of 368 active members, endorsed Haji Ambari Hamisi as the interim NCCR-Mageuzi chairperson and Joseph Selasini as the Vice chairperson

Mbatia and Angeline’s dismissal from the party came following several accusations levelled against them.

Mismanagement of the party’s properties including building are among of accusations levelled against NCCR-Mageuzi top leaders.

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