‘It’s trophy of our league’s status’

The Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) said the newly introduced Premier League silverware has values to go along with the reputation of the country’s league.

That was revealed on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam by the board’s representative Ibrahim Mwayela where the new trophy was paraded to the public for the first time.

“Our league is ranked the fifth strongest in Africa; as such, we thought of coming up with a silverware that will go along with the league’s status.

“As such, Premier League champions will fetch this trophy from this season onwards,” Mwayela said in his media briefing.

He also noted that after introducing the 2021/22 silverware, they received many opinions from sports stakeholders who proposed a change.

On his part, NBC Head of Corporate Affairs Godwin Jaha said they will continue to increase the value of the league as its main sponsor.

“We already issued health insurance to all premier league players, including their families and technical bench.

“Also, this season, apart from presenting the champions with the trophy, we will also hand over 55 medals, of which ten will be for officials,” Jaha said.

He also thanked the Embassy of Tanzania in South Africa for facilitating the smooth transportation of the trophy into the country.

Its unveiling means Young Africans will be the first team to grab it on Friday at Sokoine Stadium in Mbeya after their game with Tanzania Prisons.

On the day, Yanga will play Tanzania Prisons, and after the match, they will earn the new league trophy.

It will be Yanga’s 29th Premier League title, as they have won it more than any other Tanzanian club.

All 16 teams in the league will be in action on Friday to mark the end of the action-packed 2022/23 campaign.

However, two teams, Polisi Tanzania and Ruvu Shooting, have since been relegated to the Championship league.

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