It’s Mbeya City vs Mashujaa today

MBEYA City face Mashujaa in their second playoff first-leg match at Lake Tanganyika Stadium in Kigoma today.

The Mbeya region envoys are upbeat to escape relegation into the Championship league bearing in mind that if Mashujaa win by the aggregate, Mbeya City will drop to the Championship.

On the other hand, the Kigoma-based side are seeing this as the best opportunity to claim a Premier League ticket for next season, a feat they have wished for a long time.

As such; it is a red-hot fixture for both sides and a team with enough preparations will carry the day while waiting for the second leg match at Sokoine Stadium later this week.

To book a second playoff fixture, Mbeya City suffered a 3-2 aggregate loss to KMC as the latter succeeded in remaining in the top-flight contest for the 2023/24 season.

Following the setback, Mbeya City trainer Abdallah Mubiru said they still have a good chance to avoid relegation as they must play their lungs out to overcome the championship league side (Mashujaa).

“We knew that the second leg match against KMC would be difficult, and as you saw, most of the referee decisions were going against us, but this game is over; our focus now is on the other one,” he said.

If Mbeya City are dropped to the Championship league, then the Mbeya region will have two envoys Tanzania Prisons and Ihefu, in the upcoming campaign.

For Mashujaa, this is a glittering moment to climb up the top-flight league ladders and be part of 16-elite teams competing for the next season’s league throne, and their destiny is in their hands.

The two teams directly relegated from the top-flight league are Polisi Tanzania and Ruvu Shooting, which paved space for JKT Tanzania and Kitayosce, the new entries in the coming season.

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