ISRAEL: “We’re at war”

ISRAEL: AS Palestine’s Hamas group declares it holds Israeli soldier captives near the Gaza border during its surprise attack Saturday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says: “We are at war.”

In videos published by the militant group, at least three men dressed in civilian clothing were seen held at gunpoint. Hamas said the men were Israeli soldiers.

The Israel Defense Forces said it had no comment and CNN cannot verify Hamas’ claim.

According to CNN, residents of two Israeli communities told the country’s Channel 12 television station that assailants from Gaza are trying to break into their homes.

“They have repeatedly pleaded on television for assistance from the Israel Defense Forces,” CNN reports.

One resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz was quoted telling the broadcaster over the phone that his family, including two children ages 7 and 9, have barricaded themselves in a safe room while militants fired at the door.

So far Israel has launched several attacks towards Palestine buildings.

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