Isles ports propel economy, House told

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR ports play a critical role in the country’s economic development, with almost all oceanic products transported through the facilities.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport Nadir Abdullatif Yussuf told the House of Representatives here yesterday that the ports are the country’s gateways, which transport oceanic resources like sardines and octopus.

He was answering a question by Wawi Representative Bakar Hamad Bakar who wanted to know the contribution of Zanzibar ports to the economy through the fishery sector.

The deputy minister, referring to statistics, said the ports handled 23,158 tons of oceanic resources in 2022 as compared to the previous year’s 19,063 tons while seaweed increased from 12,124 to 13,972 tons over the period.

He said Zanzibar Ports Corporation and Zanzibar Fisheries Company Limited are working keenly to put in place adequate infrastructure and conduvcive environment to support fishermen in their operations.

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