Isles govt commits to partner charitable organiations

THE government of Zanzibar has reiterated its commitment to continue partnering with local charitable trusts, foundations, grant making and non-grant making organisations in pushing forward social and economic development for all.

Zanzibar’s First Vice-President, Othman Masoud Othman made the statement on Wednesday here while gracing the eighth East Africa Philanthropy Conference held in the isles.

The three-day meeting provides a platform for members to promote philanthropy and deliberate on how African charitable trusts can work together by specifically focusing on futuristic advancement, tireless generosity and revitalising humanity.

“Zanzibar remains steadfastly committed in ensuring sustainable development and fostering an inclusive, prosperous and resilient community. We recognise that this endeavor necessitates a holistic perspective that transcends borders and sectors, harnessing the power of collaboration,” he said.

The Isle’s First Vice-President noted that Zanzibar has been prioritising education, health and social protection sectors and ensuring no one is left behind in ongoing efforts to bring equality and development for all.

Moreso, he added that the government has taken efforts to invest in alternative energy sources and adopting green practices to safeguard our precious natural resources and environment in general.

“We are steadily constructing resilient and adaptable systems that empower our citizens in improving their quality of life,” said Mr Othman, adding that the desirable goals would only be attained through close partnerships, both domestically and internationally.

Speaking earlier, the Legal Services Facility (LSF) Chief Executive Officer, Lulu Ng’wanakilala said the conference aims to inspire philanthropy actors to adopt actionable tools as well as align with ecosystem changes and establish collaborations to thrive in an evolving philanthropic landscape.

According to her, Philanthropy in Africa is deeply embedded in the rich tapestry of cultural traditions and encompasses a multitude of forms.

“This diverse philanthropic ecosystem paves the way for innovative approaches to address complex social challenges and create meaningful change,” she said, adding that the power of African philanthropy lies in its ability to empower local communities and drive sustainable development from within.

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