Information PS tips TSN on Africa’s Kiswahili newspaper

PERMANENT Secretary in the Information, Communication and Information Technology, Mohammed Khamis Abdulla has advised the Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) management to establish a Special Newspaper that will focus on teaching and promoting Kiswahili language in the African continent.

He made the statement on Tuesday when he visited the company’s headquarters along Nelson Mandela Expressway in Dar es Salaam saying due to the rapid growth of Kiswahili language globally, TSN in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports should expand its wings to Africa in execution of the project.
“Most countries have shown interest to learn Kiswahili, now I challenge you, instead of publishing only the Daily News and HabariLEO, why don’t you start publishing an African newspaper that will teach Swahili language?” he queried.

The Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited is an authoritative and State-owned company that publishes Daily News and HabariLEO newspapers which have their presence on various digital platforms.

Recognizing the importance of the language and the need to promote it, the company recently added a category of ‘Learn Kiswahili’ and ‘Jifunze Kiswahili’ on Daily News and HabariLEO websites respectively.

On the other hand, the Permanent Secretary had the opportunity to visit the company’s newly procured state-of-the-art printing plant.

The PS applauded TSN Executive Director Tuma Abdallah saying funds released for the construction and procuring various printing machines have been well spent.

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