Infant body found dumped at garbage site

A MAN whose name is yet to be identified is alleged to have dumped a body of an infant in a garbage dump nearby CCM-Kalangalala Stadium in Nyanza Street of Geita town.

Acting Commander for Fire and Rescue Services in Geita Region, Inspector Edward Lukuba confirmed the incident on Wednesday saying the body of the deceased infant was dumped after it was handed to him for burial.

Inspector Lukuba said that the suspect was yet to be identified although the body of the infant was   taken for preservation immediately after the force was informed about the incident.

He said the body was taken to Geita Regional Referral Hospital for further investigations.

The inspector named mother of the dead infant as Ms Emanuelina Merikioli who had been given the body for burial and later handled it to the infant’s father.

The reporter of the incident, a resident of Nyanza Street in Geita, Shadudi Khatibu said that he was informed about the abandoned body by a man who was collecting empty bottles at the damp site.

An eye  witness , Mr Baraka Mathayo said he saw the man dumping a box  at the dumpsite and when he went to see what was inside he was surprised to see the body of an infant.

“I saw him coming to throw the box, I went to check what was inside because I thought there were empty bottles but unfortunately I found the body of an infant,” he said.

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