Industrialists urged to produce competitive products

DODOMA: THE government has urged private sector players to set up industries that can produce quality products to compete in the global market.

On the other hand, it asked Tanzanians to embrace goods produced by local industries. The plea was made by Zanzibar Minister of Trade and Industrial Development, Mr Omar Said Shaaban who spoke on behalf of both Zanzibar and the Union government during the opening of the Industries Week Exhibitions in the Parliament’s premises, on Tuesday.

Mr Shaaban noted that the two governments continue to take various measures to address challenges affecting the growth of the industrial sector and trade, calling on stakeholders to contribute to the government’s efforts.

“Stakeholders are advised to invest in industries that use raw materials that are largely available in the country, to widen the scope of local market and employ many Tanzanian youth,” he stated.

He also encouraged lawmakers to educate citizens so that they develop love for locally produced goods.

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He assured the stakeholders that the governments will keep on making efforts of building and strengthening economic foundations by attracting investors and setting up industries as highlighted in the 2025 National Development Vision and CCM’s 2020-2025 Election Manifesto.

“We want every Tanzanian to fulfil their duties, to change their mindset and be at the forefront in protecting, defending and developing the industry and trade sectors,” he stressed.

Earlier, Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade in the Union government, Dr Exaud Kigahe said the exhibition was part of providing duties of the ministry and making Tanzanians aware of its activities conducted by its stakeholders.

“The President directed us to ensure that we incubate and put in place an enabling environment for doing business and today our stakeholders are also here,” Dr Kigahe stated.

He stressed that the objective of the ministry is to show how the president strengthens economic democracy and improves the investment climate to attract investors.

Speaking at the sideline of exhibitions launching event, Head of Public Relations at the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA), Ms Theresia Chilambo, said the agency participates in the exhibitions to create awareness among lawmakers over issues of business registration.

“We believe that when we educate the MPs over issues of business formalization, they would be good ambassadors to tell their voters about the importance of registering their businesses,” Ms Chilambo stated.

She said some MPs also operate businesses, so BRELA continues encouraging them to register their businesses in order to benefit from various services from the agency.

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