India’s investors to invest in mining, oil

THE Indian business delegation of 40 people said will return to the country to invest in mining, oil, and education and health sectors.

The delegation leader, Rekha Sharma, was in the country for almost four days since last Wednesday, was pleased and attracted by the investment information and will persuade their colleagues to come and invest in the country.

“We are happy things are good here,” Ms Sharma said during a bilateral meeting between Tanzania and India last Saturday.

The meeting was organised by Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and also attended by some local business communities.

The delegation leader said they were pleased by how the Tanzania government was ready to assist foreign investors to invest in the country and vowed to be a good ambassador for Dar.

The investors came from various parts in India including Mumbai and Gujarat.

Zanzibar Minister of Trade and Industrial Development, Oman Said Shaaban, said Tanzania and India established a joint trade committee in 2000 to facilitate the implementation of the trade agreement effectively.

He said the committee met three times and identified various areas of cooperation in agro-processing, leather processing, gemstone cutting and polishing, pharmaceuticals, information technology, iron and steel, gas, and power production.

Tanzania mainly exports to India cashew nuts, coconuts, Brazilian nuts, groundnuts, dried and un-dried leguminous vegetables, precious stones and semi-precious stones, cotton lint, pyrethrum extract, wattle extract, cloves, tea, raw hides and skins, sisal; wood and wood

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