East Africa holds its own at Busara 2018


EAST Africa was well represented at the just-ended Sauti za Busara (SzB) music international festival, in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Twenty-one out of the 39 bands, which performed on three stages, within the four-day event, were from the Region. Out of these twenty-one, six were from right here in Zanzibar and 15 the Mainland, in the 15th edition, which Ended last Sunday.

“With the end of this year’s episode, as is our tradition, we immediately start preparing for next year’s event, which has been slated for February 7 to the 12, next year,” the Festival Manager, Journey Ramadhani told the ‘Daily News’ yesterday (Monday). He also expressed his satisfaction to see all the EAR’s bands were able to command the stage and audience, when on stage, just like the other groups did.

This, Ramadhani maintains, directly shows them that the standard of local musicians is rising rapidly and supports their words that playing live music certainly helps lift up standards of local music. It was in such manner that Kidum and the Boda Boda Band, representing Burundi and Kenya, closed2018the stage on Thursday night, with their Zouk and Afrobeat mix.

This is one of the musical styles that has been said to “hook fans” across the East African Region (EAR), with their “infectious tunes”.

It was the turn of “Makadem” from Kenya to close the Friday night’s performances, with his “witty lyrics” that address deep socio-economic struggles in modern day Kenya.

Although the last acts on Saturday and Sunday went to “Ribab Fusion” from Morocco and Zakes Bantwini, respectively, the EAR flag was carried by ten out of the 20 bands that performed on those evenings and into the night.

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