World body backs Dar karatekas for 2020 Olympics


THE World governing karate body has thrown its weight to support Tanzania to make sure that the country’s karatekas make it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

A representative from karate world governing body, Sensei Shihan Okuma, said that Tanzania has attained development in promoting the sport, the reason why it has always been getting much support from the body.

“I’ m here again because the World karate body has been pleased with the steps taken by the Tanzania body (JKA/ WF-Tanzania) to promote the sport,” said Okuma. He said JKA/WF-Tanzania needs to have a financial muscle to put the martial art sport at par, just like other sporting events.

“Tanzania will have a bright future in karate in the long run. Other karatekas from the Sub-Saharan Africa will come to Tanzania to learn the sport because of the country leaders’ commitment and passion to develop the sport,” said Okuma. He said Tanzania can start foreseeing the forthcoming Olympic Games. “We have the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.

This will be the country’s responsibility to make sure that Tanzania excels at such a major event. What I see and believe is that Tanzania can perform well at the games, should the local karatekas get much support for proper training and preparations,” said a 6th-Dan International Affairs Division Director.

Sensei Jerome Mhagama, who is the JKA/WF-Tanzania’s Chief Instructor, thanked the Karate World body for its extended support in developing the sport in the country.

“For the past decade, we have been working together and closely with both Japanese and World karate bodies to provide us with expertise, grading and training,” said Mhagama.

He said that JKA/WF-Tanzania’s continued commitment in developing the sport has resulted into the endless support from the World governing karate body.

Speaking while inaugurating the four-day Dan Grading and Qualification seminar for karatekas, instructors, Examiners and referees at the Upanga’s Don Bosco Youth Centre in Dar es Salaam, Sensei Okuma said that he has been pleased by developments attained by Tanzania in developing the fast growing sport.

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