NSC boss, executive committee eased out


THE Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Harrison Mwakyembe has terminated the appointment of National Sports Council (NSC) chairman Dioniz Malinzi and his executive committee for under performance.

The minister also directed the council’s secretariat to continue working closely with the government in developing sports countrywide. The move comes a few days after the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa had directed Minister responsible for sports to review the performance of the National Sports Council (NSC), in order to determine its effectiveness.

According to the PM directives, the termination of the chairman and his committee evidences the council’s failure to deliver as a supreme body that supervises sports development in the country. Speaking with reporters at Tanzania Information Services (Maelezo), the minister said the move taken against Malinzi and his committee strictly observed NSC Act no. 12 of 1967 and its correction No.6 in 1971.

He said the ministry has discovered that many challenges facing the council, have been caused by dismal performance of the leaders, especially Malinzi and his committee. Minister Mwakyembe said the government was disappointed to see NSC Management failing to solve major challenges that face sports sector such as conflicts, poor facilities, promotion of sports and clubs and lack of sponsorship, but only to see its officials doing deals for personal gains.

Speaking at Bunge closing session on July 5, the Prime Minister had directed the minister responsible with sports to review the performance of the council and warned he wouldn’t hesitate to dissolve it when it is established it failed to deliver.

“I’m directing minister responsible for sports to conduct a review and thorough assessment on the performance of the council to determine whether it is effectively performing its supervision role. If it is discovered that the supervision is not effective, we will dissolve it immediately and form a new one,” he warned.

The PM warned during the session that the fifthphase government is committed to promote sports in the country and that it will not tolerate any form of poor management in the sector. “We will continue to supervise sports in the country and we will not hesitate to take stern measures against poor supervision and maladministration of sports the aim is to make sure that all those who are in charge of our sports bodies work diligently and deliver,” he said.

BMT was created in accordance with Act of Parliament No.12 of 1967 and its correction in 1971. The main aim of council was to develop sports in collaboration with sports associations. Under the law and its regulations (No.441 of 1999), the Minister responsible with Sports has authority to appoint delegates who form the council’s executive committee and its chairman.

For a long time sports sector has been facing many challenges, which the minister said has contributed much in retarding sports in the Country. The minster said the secretariat continue to carry NSC duties at the moment in close collaboration with the government as process to find the new chairman and his committee was underway.

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