Work closely with voters, CCM leaders counselled

Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Deputy Secretary General Mr Vuai Ali Vuai

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CCM leaders in the constituencies have been urged to work closely with their voters to bring about development in the areas.

The call was issued at Fuoni Kibonde Maji yesterday by the party’s Deputy General Secretary- Zanzibar, Mr Vuai Ali Vuai, when he was introducing the CCM flag bearer in the parliamentary by-election for Dimani Constituency, Mr Juma Ali Juma The by-election is being held following the death of the constituency’s MP, Hafidh Ali Tahir, at the end of last year.

Hafidh, who was also former FIFA referee, died while undergoing treatment at the Dodoma General Hospital on the Mainland. According to the Mr Vuai, CCM will continue to assess its leaders based on implementation of the ruling party manifesto.

He said CCM has undertaken the action to enable it win by a landslide in the 2020 general election, noting that the move will enable the party to take all constituencies in Unguja and Pemba. Earlier, Mr Vuai drummed up support for the CCM candidate ahead of the by-election, saying Mr Juma has for a long time shown interest to serve the people.

Speaking to the constituents, Mr Juma said if elected, he would inject his first salary into development projects in the constituency, adding that he would work hand in glove with women in the area.

He said he would support the association engaging in income generating projects in order to promote development in the constituency. Campaigns in the by-election will be finalised on January 21 before people go to the polls the following day. At least 11 political parties are taking part in the by-election.

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