TFF Media and Communications Officer Alfred Lucas

SIMBA risk disqualification from the Confederation Cup, if they fail to secure standard training ground in accordance to Confederations of African Football (CAF) specifications.

CHRAGG Chairman, Bahame Nyanduga

THE Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) alleged to have uncovered serious human rights violation in the demolition exercise of structures along the Central Railway line by Reli Assets Holding Company (RAHCO) that paves way for construction of Standard Gauge line.

DEAR Readers. TODAY I have my mind on the unbecoming conduct of older children. The kind of conduct that often prompts some parents to cane them or in some diabolical cases, burn their fingers or even throw them out of the family house. And there are worse atrocities.

DEPUTY Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Engineer Atashasta Nditiye (pictured below), has cautioned the ministry staff that he will not tolerate anyone who will curtail the government’s performance.

THE government has directed municipal councils and city authorities to make May 21 a cultural day, in a move aiming to preserve and reconcile traditions from one generation to another.

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