TCA keen to invest in cricket development

IN strengthening the cricket game in Tanzania, Tanzania Cricket Association (TCA) has been making significant investments to ensure that Tanzania fits in the world cricket map.

Among the investments they are making is the renovation of cricket grounds across the country during the suspension of all cricket activities due to Coronavirus outbreak.

The quality, durability and attractiveness of the grounds are expected to be central to the development of the game and give rise to more participation of children and teens to play.

“All the grounds under renovation are going well. The grounds will motivate more children, youth and women to play,” said Atif Salim, TCA Communication Officer.

To make use of those grounds TCA expect to have more leagues from children from the age of 10 to 15, women and senior level.

Also, the TCA development league will proceed with grooming of the U19. Generally, cricket is one among the great sports and if Tanzania uses the game to build a reputation it will succeed and bring competition.

All these efforts aims at improving Tanzania Cricket status quo and bring great hope, colour with excellent after the arrival of Head Coach, Steve Tikolo.

Earlier last week TCA announced its commitment to refine cricket grounds, which will enable a good flow of leagues from junior, women, and senior level, once the coronavirus outbreak is conquered.

This commitment was made after all cricket activities were suspended by TCA management, following the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa’s order to ban all sports activities and events that are of a huge public nature, as part of strengthening preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

The renovation of Tangabased grounds recorded a good progress even prior to the time when sports activities were suspended. They had begun repair jobs in Tanga’s Annadil Burhani and Usagara grounds.

In Morogoro, TCA has been engaged in repairing the SUA cricket ground which is now nearly complete.

“In Dar es Salaam, the work is going on in Gymkhana and Leaders Club grounds and since cricket has been stopped we are going to go ahead with our plans of doing minor repairing for University of Dar es Salaam and Annadil Burhani grounds,” he said.

Salim added; “On the cricket front, yes! We have been hit hard as a new management as this halts our process of rejuvenating cricket in Tanzania.

“However, sometimes things of this nature are also a blessing in disguise as this period will give us time in preparing the grounds and with more grounds available once we have overcame the outbreak... there will be a good flow of leagues from junior, women and senior level,” he said.

THE government yesterday approved that all remaining ...


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