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Berega Bridge requires 7bn/-to construct-TARURA

FOLLOWING heavy rains that have affected several infrastructures in most parts of the country, Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) has assessed that more than 7bn/-is needed to construct Berega Bridge in Kilosa District, Morogoro Region.

The bridge that has been washed away connects villages in the areas with important community social services including the Berega Hospital, which of late is not easily reached because of impassable roads and damaged bridge.

Commenting on the situation, area Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Engineer Emmanuel Kalobelo, said there is an urgent need to construct the bridge that connects the Hospital in Magole Division, Kilosa District with several villages.

“We need 7bn/-to facilitate the construction of a new bridge in the future, as soon as the funds are available,” he said.

His call was perhaps after President John Magufuli issued directives on 16th March, this year, that he oversees the construction of the bridge within seven days to allow vehicles and people to pass.

He said that currently the bridge being built would enable the citizens to have access to the main road and continue with their economic and social activities.

''I came here to see the development and inspect the bridge after the instructed seven days…this is also to satisfy myself that the construction is being completed within the allocated time.

"The bridge is now in use, especially by pedestrians and motorcycles, and there is ongoing construction to enable transit vehicles weighing not more than three to five tonnes pass by March 28, 2020,” stated Eng Kalobelo.

However, he called upon TARURA officials in the region to conduct regular inspections of their bridges to avoid such challenges.

In response, Tarura Regional Manager for Morogoro, Engineer Benjamin Maziku, said that the bridge in question was built in 2013 as a temporary solution after the initial one was washed away by floods.

''In July 2017 after Tarura was launched, we decided to have a permanent bridge, though the bridge has history of being flooded, and carrying things like logs, but a permanent one of four pillars would soon be built,” he said.

THE ruling CCM has defended the country’s debt ...

Author: JOHN NDITI in Morogoro

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