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Airtel Tanzania, bank tie to promote financial inclusion

AIRTEL Tanzania yesterday announced a new partnership with Mwalimu Commercial Bank whereby all teachers in the country will access their money directly from the bank by using their Airtel Money accounts.

Airtel Tanzania Director of Airtel Money services, Isaac Nchunda said that the move is aimed at promoting financial inclusion in the country.

“It is true that teachers form the highest number of civil servants in the country, from urban to rural areas. At the same time, Airtel Tanzania has the largest mobile money network covering all areas of our country,” he said.

He added: “Our partnership today marks one of the important steps in promoting financial inclusion in the country.

Teachers especially in rural areas will no longer be spending a whole day travelling to the nearest bank branches to withdraw their salaries,”.

According to Mr Nchunda, with the new service, the customers will just need to connect and activate their Mwalimu Bank Account number via Airtel Money and transfer money directly to their Airtel Money wallet.

He added that bank service is among five pillars of focus which aims at making Airtel customers access their money to and from their bank accounts through Airtel Money wallets.

However, the major services included in the bank services include Bank Transfer to Airtel Money, Airtel Money to Bank and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawal.

“I call upon all teachers in the country and Tanzanians in general to enjoy all this opportunity through this established partnership between Airtel Money and Mwalimu Commercial Bank to use this bank service as it is, cost free, convenient in accessing bank customers accounts for deposits and withdrawals and most important strengthen our financial inclusion and service ability”, said Nchunda.


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