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Why sports training individually very important now

LAST Saturday, I laid accent on the importance of continuing with exercises, but individually, especially for sportsmen and women involved in competitive sports during this time after the government’s directive to all Tanzanians to refrain from getting into groups as part of combating the spread of corona virus.

And as we all know, all major sports activities that include the Mainland Premier League and other team competitions have been clamped down, for a month, as part of the country’s fight against the spread of this deadly disease, which has already claimed thousands of lives, globally.

What Tanzania has done is not unique as almost all countries which have yet to conquer the spread of corona virus have also done the same thing.

As the fight against the spread of this disease in Tanzania and globally continues, sportsmen and women in Tanzania who are involved in competitive sports, some of which border on professionalism, cannot afford to stay without training.

Tanzanians, and in particular, sportsmen and women cannot afford to remain put without being involved in exercises, but at individual level. We need to continue with our exercises, but individually, at our respective homes in order to remain fit, especially for sportsmen and women involved in competitive sports.

Those in the category of competitive sports ought and must continue to train hard, but individually, in order to remain fit in readiness for the resumption of competitive sports once the corona virus is conquered. In fact, training, but at individual level and in one’s respective home, is continuing all over the world.

Sportsmen and women have however, stopped working in groups as they used to do barely a month or so back. And this is because of the same thing, the spread of this deadly disease.

Continuous involvement in exercises, individually, is not only important for those involved in competitive sports that border on professionalism (those who earn their living through sports), but also for those who do not depend on sports for their living.

Here I have in mind those who run in our streets very early in the morning or late in the evening as part of keeping their bodies fit or in order to lose weight. If we don’t continue with our exercises, at individual level and at our respective homes, then we are likely to invite dangerous diseases which are associated with overweight, and there are plethora of such diseases!

Ignoring personal exercises would be tantamount to the proverbial running away from the frying pan into the fire, hence the dire need to continue with our exercises. However, instead of going to our favourite gyms where we have been training in groups under our instructors, we now need to do the same workout, but individually and back in our respective homes.

But even if there is a need to go to the gym where we could use many, different equipment for toning our muscles, then we need to keep distances from one another, and our equipment need to be sanitised. But training at our respective homes is the best option if we are to conquer this deadly disease while simultaneously keeping our bodies in tip-top form.

But for Heavens’ sake we need to continue training if we want to keep both the deadly virus out of our way and deal with diseases which are caused by overweight.

For those involved in competitive sports like premier league, they ought to know that once our government is convinced that the deadly disease has been conquered, it will allow the return of business to its normalcy and sports associations like the TFF would order the resumption of the league.

But if our players have not been training, individually, in their respective homes, then there is every possibility of doing extremely bad in the league. And teams that thought they could escape relegation, before the invasion of corona virus, could end up being relegated simply because their players were not fit enough.

But if our players had been training, individually, once the government lifts the clampdown, our sportsmen and women involved in competitive sports would be comparable to our paratroopers who go into action immediately after landing. It is however, an open secret that training, individually, is easier said than done.

Most of our sportsmen and women involved in competitive sports, and are team sports, train hard once they are in a group and under their instructors. Individually, some of them are known to be lazy; and that is the challenge sportsmen and women involved in competitive sports may face.

The question is; do they have the attitude and discipline to train, on their own and individually, at their respective homes or on the road in the wee hours of the morning? Teams that have players who are highly disciplined and have the right attitude are unlikely to face problems once the premier league resumes.

But teams laden with players, who cannot work, on their own and individually, at their respective homes (because of lack of discipline) are likely to face a lot of challenges once the league resumes.

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