Mkapa offers lasting solution

  • Protracted peasant-pastoralist conflicts

FORMER President Benjamin Mkapa yesterday challenged Tanzanians to work with the government to address peasantpastoralist conflicts, describing teamwork as the only workable remedy to the scuffles.

The third-phase leader further told regional and district leaders to timely finalise preparation of land use management strategies and demarcate special areas for each of the fighting factions.

The country has witnessed prolonged fights between peasants and pastoralists in various parts of the country, leading to injuries and deaths.

“I call upon citizens and government leaders to collaborate in addressing conflicts between farmers and pastoralists,” Mr Mkapa said while representing President John Magufuli at the climax of this year’s Nanenane national exhibitions here.

He added: “Use these Nanenane exhibitions to modernise agriculture.” Mr Mkapa commended exhibitors whom he thanked for participating in big numbers, leading to the great success of the annual event, arguing that the country needs to change people’s mindset and have everybody playing part in the economic development if the nation has to move ahead, economically.

He said the government continues strengthening tax collection systems and fighting tax divergence to achieve the industrial economy.

Agriculture Minister Charles Tizeba declared that for the next three years, Nanenane national exhibitions will be held in Simiyu, at Nyakabindi grounds.

Dr Tizeba, however, challenged the regional authorities to upgrade the event to international level to attract other countries.

Speaking on behalf of all international organisations and development partners in the country, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Country Representative Fred Kafeero commended the government’s efforts to improve agriculture in the country.

He described this year’s theme, “Invest in agriculture, livestock keeping and fisheries,” as crucial for the industrial development and food security. Mr Kafeero remarked, “Agriculture alleviates poverty and improves people’s lives.”

Fisheries and Livestock Deputy Minister Abdallah Ulega pledged that the ministry will sustain effective participation to the next Nanenane exhibitions by setting up permanent structures at the Nyakabindi grounds with the view of educating wananchi.

Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Authorities, Selemani Jafo directed all district, town and municipal councils to implement by actions the industrial agenda through agricultural development in the country.

Simiyu Regional Commissioner Anthony Mtaka said last year the region produced 70 million kilogrammes of cotton, with the target being to produce about 150 million kilogrammes, this year.

“The region aims at having educative Nanenane exhibitions to benefit farmers...we are determined to make these exhibitions real agribusiness forums,” he said, hinting that the region envisages introducing small scale industries in each village to process agricultural produce.

TANZANIA’S Chief Justice (CJ), Prof ...

Author: BERNARD LUGONGO in Simiyu

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