Improve women league, Kili Queens can conquer globe

BRAVE Kilimanjaro Queens once again were crowned East and Central African football champions, this time in the tournament held in Rwandan capital, Kigali.

What made them continue dominating the regional football scene was the presence of the women football league, whose best players played a key role in winning the Cecafa challenge Cup.

Doubtlessly, the Women football League which is gaining popularity has verily raised standards of football across the country, by also increasing the number of participating teams. Only Dar es Salaam had a strong team; Sayari, when the women football begun in the country decades ago, but today, teams that play in the league come mainly from the regions of Tanzania.

From what we reaped in Rwanda and Uganda previously, it is evident that the women league, which is probably the only strong team in the region and need to improve further.

We have Azam media as the sponsor of the Women Premier League as well as the U20 Women’s League, we think it is time other firms should jump into the bandwagon as co-sponsors.

We believe with added sponsorship, the league that now boasts of 12 teams can be expanded further to even 20 teams in future. Azam Media signed a five-year sponsorship deal with Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF) worth 20bn/-.

We urge players and coach to work hard and win other tournaments as well as retaining the trophy they have just won. We would like to ask companies and individuals to come forward and inject sponsorship in the women leagues so as to make it more competitive.

While we commend all players who enabled Kilimanjaro Queens retain the coveted trophy. We think Airtel Tanzania also deserves felicitation for their efforts in supporting the Inter-School games grooming girls who later mature to play in the national team.

All players played well, but still it is not bad to mention Donisia Donald, Asha Rashid, Asha Hamza, Fatuma Issa, as few individuals who played a vital role in the victory.

We end by urging the football governing body (TFF), coaches of the women teams, players, supporters and sponsors to improve their efforts and contributions to make women football conquer the globe after the regional conquest.

DUST has started to settle ...

Author: EDITOR

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