‘Karibuni’ diplomats, investors to Dodoma it’s homely

CENTRALLY seating in Tanzania and originally a small market town known as Idodomya, the modern Dodoma (currently the Capital City of the country) founded in 1907 by German colonists during construction of the Tanzanian central railway, has all the potentials and reasons to attract and tap foreign diplomats’ attention to relocate there.

With President John Pombe Magufuli (JPM) recently reminding and assuring them that the city is safe and has all the facilities to accommodate them, besides government offices relocating there to work in partnership with them, it is clear that the State is seeing the essence of working with the diplomatic community as team players.

This is an opportunity which the international agencies as well as investors including the private sector ought to rush and capitalize on to make their ends meet, since no country can work in isolation and with Tanzania spearheading a win-win situation; it is noteworthy to recognize that the Fifth Phase Government is setting the pace with practical implementation.

To set the commitment on the ground, the government is on record to have issued land ownership tittle deeds free of charge to the diplomats in efforts to encourage them to relocate into the city, where each embassy has been assigned 5.5 acres of land.

 The ball is now in their courts to build the yards and encourage the business communities from their home countries to come to Tanzania and invest because all the reasons and policies which protect them are open and transparent.

Once they exploit the opportunity as a leverage, chances of going further also in bilateral ties will improve and at the end of the tunnel both parties will improve in their envisioned goals.

To drive his point home, the President further emphasized that Dodoma has done very well in comparison to five other cities like Dar es Salaam that has collected 15.3bn/- (Dodoma collecting 24.2bn/- surpassing target of 19bn/-) implying that the City is clean on tax collection and has no short-cuts, which any serious and clean investor/institution that is out for clean business would long for.

Before the dust settles, he has assured the public and the international community that he is in the process of relocating there, meaning the City is bound to be home ‘away from home’ which again, serious investor should be proud of as an area to relocate onto.

With these in mind, besides good infrastructures including clean water, electricity, hospitals and schools of international standards, ‘karibuni sana’ envoys to Dodoma.

DUST has started to settle ...

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