Presidential reshuffles: Thrust is setting nation on faster lane

MERRY-MAKING, through celebrations over various forms of achievements, constitute a crucial component of human culture.

When parents, relatives, friends and neighbours fete a young person who has graduated from an institution of higher learning like, say, a university college, the academic hero or heroine has cause to be psychologically uplifted.

The gesture makes him or her feel that their beloved ones acknowledge the achievements climaxing much toil spanning a couple of years.

Post-graduation emptiness represented by the absence of a party to fete them, coupled with best wishes for their success in careers to which they would embark, or consolidating the ones they had embarked on earlier and which they sough to consolidate through higher learning, would be deeply depressing.

That’s all very well. What turned out to be not so well, and in some cases downright disgusting, was the culture that had evolved in the fairly distant past, of celebrations in exaggerated form, for individuals who had become presidential appointees at considerably high-level posts, notably as Cabinet ministers.

Close on the heels of formal swearing ceremonies at the State House in Dar es Salaam were lavish parties; the appointees and beloved ones being tremendously excited in approximately equal measure.

The culture was watered down considerably come the President John Magufuli’s Fifth Phase Government post-2015 General Election.

For the Head of State inculcated onto the psyche of the appointees and those who had perceived them as heroes and heroines, that, the issue at hand was not merry-making but delivery by those thrust in positions, whose missionn was consistently effective and efficient service delivery.

Put simply, the appointees become part of the team that is enjoined to fast-track a country in a hurry to develop fast on social and economic fronts, and in-between tackling vices like corruption, tax-evasion, natural resources exploitation and a business-as-usual trend.

From the grassroots to national level, task men and task women who include ministers, permanent secretaries, regional and district commissioners, as well as regional administrative secretaries, are technically frontline warriors in the battle to pull Tanzania out of poverty and towards prosperity.

The President’s periodic reshuffles, partly through replacing underperformers and taking on board potentially resourceful ones, are geared to that end, and to which end there’s no room for celebrations; focus being, on the contrary, national service mission through hard work.

DUST has started to settle ...

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