WFP intervention in boosting Dar maize market commendable

FARMING is an important element of human existence as it provides people with the much needed food for survival.

Though it can be traced as far as humanity, stakeholders have to keep abreast with technology and modernisation for farming to meet the demands of the soaring human population.

And, the use of technology and modern methods of farming has seen farmers around the world going beyond subsistence, to produce surplus food.

This then necessitates the need to create markets for the extra harvests and help farmers eke a living out of it. Market accessibility and availability have been a thorn in the flesh for many farmers in the country.

They are sometimes forced to count their losses due to post harvest losses caused by the unavailability of markets. This also makes them vulnerable to unscrupulous agents who by the crops for a song, only to reap huge profits, where they did not sow.

The announcement by the World Food Programme (WFP) that the UN organisation plans to buy between 75,000 and 100,000 metric tonnes of maize, on top of the 30,000 tonnes it purchased so far, is good news for Tanzanian farmers, who will smile all their way to the banks.

The visiting WFP Director, David Beasley, said his organisation will also closely work with the Dar es Salaam Port and the Tanzania Railway Limited (TRL) for smooth shipment of the food consignment.

WFP’s announcement is a positive move towards boosting the market for maize farmers in the country.

Local farmers will have every reason to smile as they are guaranteed of a ready market and getting rid of agents and middlemen who fleece them in different ways.

The purchase of the maize by WFP will encourage production of the crop and help farmers to improve their lives. The country, on the other hand, will earn foreign currency as the maize will be imported to troubled countries where there are food shortages.

The transportation of the consignment will also see many job opportunities being created. It is important, therefore, that farmers take advantage of this move to increase harvests and earn more money.

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