TPDC offers trade opportunity in natural gas supply

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TANZANIA Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) plans to engage private firms in natural gas business to reinforce supply and uses of natural gas for vehicles and homes.

The first phase is set to kick off in Dar es Salaam later this year by involving Ilala, Kinondoni, Ubungo, Temeke and Kigamboni districts. TPDC official Engineer Aristides Kato said over the weekend that the government will enter into agreements with private companies on the business operation.

He said the parties will agree on the specific time for the private companies to invest by building up infrastructure and selling natural gas. Engineer Kato said after the agreed time is due, the infrastructure will be retained by the government through TPDC. According to the official, interested investors must be well equipped financially and technologically.

“The company must be able to apply modern technology in supplying gas to wananchi at cheap prices,” he said. He said wananchi will spend an average of 1000/- per day on natural gas upon completion of the entire procedures of supplying gas into their homes.

“For a family of five people, an average of 30,000/- is estimated to be the amount of money that will be spent on purchasing natural gas...this will be cheaper than the current price,” he said.

He said the 12 inch natural gas pipe from Ubungo to Mikocheni, measuring 6.2 kilometres, has been connected to at least 70 houses, five industries and one gas filling station, with 60 vehicles that have been modified to use natural gas.

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