JPM appoints 10 Judges, Solicitors

President John Magufuli

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PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday appointed 10 High Court Justices, Deputy Attorney General, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Solicitor General and Deputy Solicitor General.

According to the statement released by the State House, President Magufuli appointed the judges to fill the positions left vacant by retired justices. He has also appointed the Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Director of Public Prosecution to ensure efficiency on court related matters.

The newly appointed judges are Ilvin Mugeta, Elinaza Luvanda and Yose Mlyambina. Others are Immaculata Banzi, Mustafa Siyani, Paul Ngwembe and Agnes Mgeyekwa. The list also includes Stephen Magoiga, Thadeo Mwenenpazi and Butamo Philip.

Before the appointment, Mr Butamo was the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Vice President’s Office.

The Head of State has as well appointed Evaristo Longopa, the Deputy Attorney General, replacing Mr Ngwembe who has been appointed the High Court Judge.

Also the president has appointed Mr Edson Makallo the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions while Mr Julius Mashamba becomes the Solicitor General, with Dr Ally Possi as his deputy.

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