UVCCM repossessing Babati District Court building

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THE Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Youth Wing (UVCCM) leaders in Manyara District have initiated the exercise of verification and restoration and retain ownership of their property, including a building that is being used by the Babati District Court.

UVCCM Manyara Regional Chairman, Mr Moses Komba said that they have received the directive by CCM National Chairman, President John Magufuli and hit the ground running by retaining possession of the said building as well as a vehicle that was in Arusha.

Speaking at a UVCCM Hanang’ District Council meeting held at Katesh small town, Mr Komba said they have spoken with the Judiciary officials who were using the facility and they have agreed to relocate, although they will need time to do that.

‘Daily News’ witnessed criminal and civil cases going on as usual at the District Court. Mr Komba said UVCCM needs the building for other uses that will be decided by the new leadership that has recently assumed power.

Mr Komba unveiled that in carrying out the exercise to identify and repossess UVCCM properties throughout the region, he has put in place a committee, whose members he mentioned as himself, Manyara Regional UVCCM Secretary, Mr Raphael Sumaye, Kudra Bura from Babati and Mr Hashim Idd from Kiteto.

“In order to ensure that all properties are identified, UVCCM Regional Office have set up a committee …the exercise will start from one district to another until we cover the whole region,” said Mr Komba.

He unveiled that he found out that their vehicle was in Arusha for maintenance and they identified where it was located and now they are in the process of returning it to Babati. Hanang’ Legislator, Ms Mary Nagu hailed Manyara CCM members for electing leaders from all districts regardless of their background.

Manyara CCM Regional Chairman, Ms Simon Lulu hails from Mbulu, Mr Komba resides in Simanjiro, CCM’s Women Wing Chairperson, Ms Venossa Mjema hails from Hanang while Parent’s Wing Chairman, Mr Fraiten Qwaison is from Kiteto District. CCM National Executive Committee member from the region, Ms Joachim Leonce is from Dareda, Babati while Publicity Secretary, Mr Jacob Siay is a Babati Town resident.

Hanang District UVCCM Council’s member, Mr Karoli Kisimie said many youth were inexperienced therefore they should have a seminar and training from time to time as a means of building capacity so that they could shoulder well their responsibilities in 33 wards of the district.

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