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RWANDESE businesspersons have expressed satisfaction with services delivered by Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) through the Dar es Salaam Port, pledging their continued use of the terminal in cargo shipment.

The traders, who are currently in the country to familiarise themselves with services offered by TPA, including keeping abreast with the improvements being made by the authority, praised President John Magufuli for his efforts to ensure Dar es Salaam Port and other terminals were modernised to offer world-class services.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, the President of Rwanda Private Sector Foundation, Mr Ruzibiza Stephan, said Rwanda was satisfied with the quality of service delivered by TPA through Dar es Salaam Port and other terminals.

“We have basically come here to see how the Dar es Salaam Port is performing and also seefor ourselves the improvements being made. But, based on the experience and the observation we have so far made, we are happy with the services,” said Mr Stephan.

According to him, the performance of Dar es Salaam Port has significantly changed compared to its quality of service delivery about five years ago. “From here, we will visit Ruvu and Isaka dry ports to see how the two terminals will play a role in improving cargo clearance and shipment.”

He said, as a result of improvement of service delivery at Dar es Salaam Port, cargo handling, including clearance was simplified; adding that time taken to clear cargo and shipping it from the terminal to Rwanda was also reduced.

A member of the delegation, Mr Fred Seka, praised President Magufuli for taking an affirmative action to improve Dar es Salaam Port and other terminals. “We sincerely thank President Magufuli and all other officials in the government for the good work.”

“As you might have heard, Dar es Salaam Port handles between 80 and 90 per cent of Rwanda cargo. With these improvements, we expect the terminal, in the near future, to handle the whole cargo destined for Rwanda,” Mr Seka said.

Mr Seka expressed his gratitude for the decision by TPA to construct a dry port at Ruvu in the Coast Region and upgrade Isaka dry port in Shinyanga Region, saying the measures would reduce cost that Rwandese businesspersons have been incurring in cargo shipment.

The acting TPA Director of Marketing, Ms Lydia Mallya, said that to bring TPA closer to Rwandese business community, the authority has opened an office in Kigali and a bank account with Eco Bank to facilitate business transactions.

Speaking about the use of Isaka dry port, Ms Mallya said it would significantly reduce cost and time spent in shipping cargo. “We expect the cargo destined for Rwanda to be transported from Dar es Salaam to Isaka dry port in Shinyanga where Rwandese businesspersons will now collect it.

This will help them reduce time they spend and costs they incur in shipping it because the distance from Isaka to Rusumo border is only 300 kilometres,” she said.

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