Minister: There is no power rationing, it’s power outage

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THE government has ruled out power rationing in the country, saying instead the ongoing maintenance of the energy plants has affected power supply.

Speaking in Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation’s (TBC1) live aired ‘Tunatekeleza’ programme on Monday night, Energy Minister Dr Medard Kalemani said the maintenance works have reduced the capacity of energy production but assured wananchi that the situation will be okay by mid, this month.

In recent days, power outage has been experienced in many parts of the country, compelling people to believe that the country is in a ‘secret power rationing’, the speculations that Dr Kalemani has dismissed as baseless.

“Power rationing is something that is scheduled... what we experience now is not rationing since Ilala may lack power today but not necessarily tomorrow... the same to Kinondoni or Morogoro,” said the minister.

He pointed out that last weekend, there was a deficit of 53 Megawatt due to one of Songas plants being under maintenance, adding that the technicians worked hard to solve the problem. The minister insisted, “I don’t like to hear power rationing, even the citizens don’t want it... if we do not maintain our plants now, the country risk falling into total darkness by this December.”

Due to the ongoing maintenance, he admitted that people do experience negative impacts but asked them to remain patient because the situation will be normal in the next few days. “We feel so sorry on the situation…. I agree that wananchi are feeling pains due to this situation,” he said.

While maintenance of Songas plant is expected to be accomplished soon, the Kidatu plant will follow, the minister said. He said the situation will improve by this week, with 30 Megawatts which are expected from Kinyerezi 1 power plant.

He admitted that Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has informed people about the maintenance and consumers have been updated regularly. The minister said the country is evaluating tender applications by 80 contractors and the name of the winner will be out by this December or early January.

He said apart from expecting the increased power production from Kinyerezi plants in Ilala, Dar es Salaam, the construction of Makambako-Madaba-Songea power project which is expected to produce 2,100 Megawatts will boost the country’s economy. He challenged wananchi not to enjoy the benefits of lighting their homes only but strive to use power for production and improved service provision.

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