Prof Mwandosya: Give us job creators, please, not seekers

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GRADUATES from higher learning institutions in the country have been advised to create entrepreneurial ventures for employment instead of counting solely on scarce government job openings.

“Think big while still at university so that you get self employed immediately after graduation … the government can no longer employ all the graduates,” Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy (Zanzibar campus) Board Chairperson, Prof Mark Mwandosya said here.

Gracing the second graduation, Prof Mwandosya said the country was on track to create more job opportunities, mainly by pushing for industrialisation, “But (our) graduates must also be innovative and creative to minimise idleness for long.”

He said that thinking ‘out of the box’ remains important because the number of graduates turn-out every year from universities, polytechnics and colleges, more than what the labour market can absorb. There have been too many graduates chasing few jobs, and according to statistics from the government, unemployment rate in Zanzibar and Mainland now stands above 14 per cent.

Prof Shadrack Mwakalila, the Academy’s Principal, said his institution was working hard to equip students with skills that would help students ‘create’ jobs themselves upon graduation. He said that some of the challenges such as shortage of books, and poor drainage and sanitation in the campus are being resolved so that students can live and study in favourable environment.

Overall, 333 students were awarded basic certificates, diploma and degrees in various academic fields including business administration, technicians, human resource management, youth work, community development, and procurement and supply.

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